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Basic Tips When Buying a Remote Keyless Entry System Modern vehicles are now equipped with some of the most advanced technological features, all for the purpose of making them safer and convenient to use. However, only a few of those add-ons can be considered useful. One of the essential additions is a remote keyless entry system. The feature is designed to provide added convenience to the car owner because there no longer is a need to use a conventional key to lock and unlock the car from the outside. Though most new vehicles are already built with a remote keyless entry system, it is possible that yours does not have one yet, which probably is the reason why you’re here reading this article. Fortunately for you, there now are so many shops that can do a keyless entry setup for your car. But then again, you must understand that not all remote keyless entry systems are created equal and some are just way too low in quality that you can’t possibly expect them to last long. Continuee reading our tips below for you to shop for the right one for your car. First, you can choose between a single door and a multi-door type. As the name implies, a single-door variety of a keyless entry system will control just one door, which is located at the driver’s side. The multi-door version on the other hand lets you control all the doors of your car, including the trunk. However, you might want to learn more about these two options if you are someone who is worried about safety because some people are under the impression that single-door locks actually offer more safety than multi-door version.
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After making that decision, it’s time to make a choice between conventional or standard models and the newer pager model. It is important that you know the difference between the two, especially that a standard model does nothing more than unlock and lock the doors, and probably signal the alarm if your car is equipped with one. Meanwhile, a page model is a lot more advanced, functionality wise, because it usually comes with a panic and car locator button, as well as the ability to transmit information.
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Moreover, you will want to compare different manufacturers instead of opting for one; don’t forget to read reviews and give value to other factors like the price, easy installation, and the reputation of the brand of the remote keyless entry system you intend to buy. You shouldn’t make the assumption that the recommendation you got for a product is the best option out there. Finally, always make it a point to have the remote keyless entry system installed by a professional. The fact that you bought the product yourself does not mean you have what it takes to install it on your own.