Interesting Research on Fish – What You Didn’t Know

Factors to Consider When You Want To Buy a Fish Tank. There are many good reasons why you may want to own an aquarium. People into Fengshui practice strongly believe that having a fish pond or aquarium around the home stead brings good luck to them financially and in other ways. Fengshui is not an exact science and as such do not expect to find any particular endorsement of it in this article. You might be surprised to learn that scientific research has credible data that endorses the owning of a fish pond or aquarium. This is an amazing finding by scientific research that just about anyone but more so a senior citizen to own an aquarium. Plymouth and Exter University Researchers have unanimously concluded that staring at fish that are in motion has the benefit of lowering the heart rate and the blood pressure of the person doing the staring. An authority called Dr.Schwartz has reported that aquariums have the amazing ability to lower a person’s level of anxiety and stress. In fact,it has been highly recommended by certain experts to have aquariums in environments that have the potential to cause stress because aquariums produces therapeutic effects in such environments e.g. executive offices or even your dentist’s office. Now that you really want to go out and buy a fish tank,please read on before you but to avoid making mistakes. You first of all need to understand clearly the size of the tank that you need to buy. Fish tank size will help you to gauge the amount of maintenance work that you will have to do in the post purchase period and the kind of fish you rear in the tank. The recommended number of fish to keep is 1 inch length of fish for every 4 litres of water;this should practically guide you on the size.
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Budget is an important consideration. The set up fees for a small tank will usually about 100USD while custom set ups can cost in excess of 20,000 dollars.Consider the cost of the fish to keep,given your budget.
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Think about the space that you have available and can use for the tank set up. Water availability is an important thing to consider before you think of rushing out to purchase the aquarium equipment,given that maintenance practices require that about 15% of the water be changed every few days. Decide on the size of the tank you want,whether 50 litres,100 or 200 litres tanks or whichever size works for you and enjoy the soothing capacity afforded by introducing a nerve soothing aquatic world into your interior environment.