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The discussion here is solely about web design. Our focus is on web design even if there is a quick distinction between web design and web development. Creating an image for your website is what web design is all about.

This article will help you on the step-by-step process of creating a web page using html and css. To get the most out of this article make sure you have basic understanding of html and css and this will give you confidence that after reading this you can now create a web page of your own.

Free css templates are offered on some websites that you can search online to start on. Go ahead and find the background so that you start doing it. The xhtml test will be given to you. The starting point which you will use will be provided to you as a sample code. At this point, make sure to make necessary modifications. It is important that you have deleted the information under both style and body section to make sure you are ready to go. On the body section you can now start adding a div tag. Creating a closing div tag is very important here to add. This div element is going to contain your entire web page.
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Add style to it is the first thing that you want to do with this div tag. Your own style can be added into by using a class attribute. The class should be named with whatever name you have in mind. You can go up on the style section and apply this class name you made. 700 pixels should be its set width. This content should be centered in the middle of the page that you want. The margins from both left and right should be set to auto in order to do that. Adding the header section now can be done after doing that. Make sure to close it after you have created another div inside your class name div.
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Add to the header section an image which is the first thing you want to do. An image tag should be added as well. Set the source attribute to point to an image of what you planned to use. Set the alt attribute which is used to display text in the event that the image cannot be displayed. On the test coder site you can try and press the test button then you should see your image. Adding some text using a header tag is now possible. Using the h1 tag is possible but make sure to out the website name beside it. Adding some styles to the header section is also possible. Go up to your div tag for the header and set the class attribute. The section should be named to set it. You can also set the background color by applying the h1 tag to header class under the style section with a div tag.

It is actually easy to do web design and all you have to do is to follow this guide.