Why choose timber sash windows for your home?

Timber framed windows may perhaps appear old fashioned alongside the vast majority of the country’s houses and properties. If you are looking for window frames that would last for 60 years or possibly more, timber frames are the appropriate choice.  PVC frames guarantee a lifespan of between 20 to 30 years, whereas timber frames have a lifespan of over 60 years. Additionally, if you are looking to restore your older sash windows or wish to renovate your property to achieve a periodic look, timber is the best material to offer this level of authenticity.



If you are aiming at achieving a periodic look at your property, timber frame sash windows will help you get that look. Sash windows were very popular during the Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian periods. They used timber frames and smaller glass panes which are called lights. The smaller glass panes were used because a large single piece of glass is very fragile and prone to break easily. Whether you are changing your older sash windows or wanting to give a periodic look to your property, timber framed sash windows along with the ideal configuration for your property is the best way to achieve that periodic look.

Local and Planning Regulations

In certain parts of the country there are restrictions regarding the types of windows and features a property can have. The same applies if you are residing in a Listed building. In such cases, you will have to obtain planning permission to make alterations to the windows. One way to gain permission is to show that you are concerned about the specific design.

Modern Glazing and Other Features

When you have modern timber framed windows in your property, you will not need to worry about the quality of your frame. Hardwood frames have a natural oil that ensures the efficient life of the frames. Double or triple glazed windows allow you to save a significant amount of energy consumption and create a warmer and more comfortable environment inside. Even the internal elements such as pulleys and sliding machinery are made of the latest modern materials and techniques which ensures that the windows will have an authentic and periodic look as well as the resilience and strength that modern technologies offer.

Energy Efficiency

The better quality of the timber, glazing and fitting means that modern timber sash windows are more energy efficient. Double glazed windows protect the warm air from escaping from the house, thus providing a warm and comfortable internal environment devoid of cold air pockets. This means that you will need less energy to heat the house, enabling you to save money on fuel bills.

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